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Immediately Restore Your Bite, Smile, and Self-Confidence with Same-Day Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most versatile restorative options, repairing severely damaged teeth and dramatically improving the look of your smile. At Fort Bend Dental in Richmond, Rosenberg, Missouri City, Aliana and Sugar Land, TX, we offer same-day crowns made with advanced CEREC technology. Same-day crowns serve the same function as traditional restorations, but they require just one appointment to manufacture and place, instead of two or more. Furthermore, our CEREC machine offers unparalleled precision. As a result, your crown is designed to fit comfortably, while maintaining the normal balance of your bite. Crafted from medical-grade porcelain, your restoration will also be remarkably durable, and blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Do You Need a Dental Crown?

There are many different situations in which we may recommend a dental crown. You may benefit from this restorations if you:

  • Have a cracked tooth
  • Have a cavity that is too large for a filling
  • Require root canal therapy
  • Are missing teeth and need a traditional bridge (crowns on each end will uphold the restoration)
  • Have a worn or misshapen tooth
  • Have intrinsic (or internal) dental staining that cannot be addressed with teeth whitening

Our dentists take great care to recommend the most appropriate treatment in all cases. Your doctor can conduct a thorough exam and take x-rays to make sure that a crown is right for you.

What to Expect When You Receive a Same-Day CEREC Crown

Our innovative CEREC system makes it faster and easier than ever before to receive the treatment you need. Because your crown will encase the entire visible surface of your tooth, your dentist will first need to reshape the tooth structure. Carefully sculpting it, he can make room for the crown and create a strong base for a securely bonded restoration. Then he will use the CEREC digital scanner to make virtual impressions of your tooth. This process will take a matter of minutes, making it much faster than creating manual molds.

The process should take less than an hour, and your doctor can immediately attach the restoration.

Your dentist can then upload the impressions to an office computer. With advanced CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) software, he can carefully design your crown, taking into account the shape and shade of your smile. After uploading the designs to a CEREC milling machine, the system will carve your crown from a block of porcelain. The process should take less than an hour, and your doctor can immediately attach the restoration when it is finished. He can then use composite resin to affix your crown to your tooth, revealing a beautifully enhanced smile.

CEREC Milling Unit

The milling unit can fabricate your porcelain dental crown in under one hour for your convenience.

The Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

At our practice, we proudly incorporate the latest technology to provide you with the highest quality care. Our CEREC system has a number of advantages.

  • Your dentist will be able to prepare your tooth and attach your crown in the same office visit. Not only does this reduce the number of appointments, but also eliminates the need for a temporary restoration.
  • The impression process is quick and comfortable. It does not involve impression trays or pastes.
  • CEREC will give your dentist greater control over the design process. As such, he can ensure that your crown will match the shape of your other teeth and preserve your natural alignment. If needed, we can also adjust the restoration while you are in the office.
  • The porcelain material is incredibly durable and can be carefully matched to the sparkle and color of your teeth. Unlike standard lab materials, it will also be free from microscopic cracks and other imperfections.

Our team can evaluate your smile to determine if you are a candidate for a same-day crown.

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