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Relieve Discomfort TMJ Mouth Guard

If you are suffering from headaches and other symptoms of TMJ disorder, the doctors at Fort Bend Dental can create a custom mouthguard that relieves these uncomfortable side effects. Worn at night, these guards can alleviate jaw pain, headaches, and much of the tension tied to the condition. During a consultation at one of our offices in Missouri City, TX, Richmond, TX, Aliana and Sugar Land, TX, or Rosenberg, TX, we can take impressions for your customized TMJ mouthguard.

How Can Mouthguards Help?

Mouthguards relieve the effects of TMJ disorder by holding the jaw in place while you sleep. Patients not only feel more comfortable, but also receive treatment for the direct cause of the disorder. Among the most common problems that contribute to TMJ disorder are:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Teeth clenching
  • Misaligned bite

When a patient wears a mouthguard while sleeping, their teeth and jawbone remain properly aligned so that clenching and grinding are minimized. The mouthguard also serves as a protective barrier that reduces potential damage to the teeth from clenching and grinding. If worn regularly over a long period of time, a mouthguard can encourage the jaw to loosen and relax.

TMJ mouthguard

Mouthguards are designed to shift the jaw into its proper position at night and prevent clenching or grinding.

Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard

The professional-grade mouthguard we provide is fabricated from the mold of an individual patient’s teeth. Compared to store-bought mouthguards, this method of customization ensures a snug fit over the teeth. Other potential benefits include:

  • Relief from symptoms: By routinely wearing a mouthguard, you can help the joints in your jaws gradually relax. Ideally, this will offer relief from jaw pain, headaches, and the other symptoms.
  • Protection of teeth: Clenching and grinding can cause considerable damage to the teeth over time. A mouthguard both protects the teeth and discourages the habits that wear the teeth down in the first place.
  • Avoiding invasive therapy: A mouthguard can address TMJ-related problems sufficiently enough that more invasive treatment, like BOTOX injections or oral surgery, is not needed.

In some cases, our doctors may recommend combining the effects of mouthguards with other solutions for TMJ disorder to provide the most comprehensive treatment.

Treatment is simply a matter of wearing the mouthguard nightly.

What to Expect During Treatment

Receiving your mouthguard is simple and straightforward. During the first appointment, you will come in to have impressions taken of your teeth that will be sent to a trusted off-site lab. Once the mouthguard has been created, you can return for the second appointment to make sure that it fits.

Treatment is simply a matter of wearing the mouthguard nightly. Caring for it is easy: simply brush it while brushing your teeth. Patients may also have their mouthguard treatment supplemented with anti-inflammatory medications and a consultation on recommended lifestyle changes that can relax the jaw.

Ease Jaw Discomfort

If you are enduring headaches, jaw pain and stiffness, discomfort through your neck and upper back, or can feel yourself clenching or grinding your teeth, you may have TMJ disorder. Schedule an appointment today with one of our dentists by using our online form, or calling our Missouri City office at (281) 336-9899, Richmond office at (281) 519-3135, Rosenberg office at (281) 336-9971, or Aliana office at (281) 325-0024.

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