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Tooth loss can make eating and speaking difficult. Missing teeth can also be a source of embarrassment. The doctors of Fort Bend Dental can replace one or more missing teeth using dental implants.

The loss of one or more teeth in the “smile zone” can be particularly problematic. The front teeth are critical for speech clarity and eating. To fill gaps between anterior teeth, our office can have you fitted with one or more dental implants to replace missing front teeth. Fort Bend Dental has served Missouri City, TX, Richmond, TX, and Fort Bend County serving the community since 1987.

Can Dental Implants Restore Front Teeth?

A dental implant can be placed anywhere tooth replacement is needed, including between the front six teeth of the upper or lower jaw. Every aspect of your dental implant treatment will be completed at our dental practice without the need for referring you to other offices.

For a Single Missing Tooth

Dental implants can replace individual teeth through the use of one dental implant and one crown. Once your dental implant has been surgically placed, your jaw will begin healing. A few months after your initial surgery, a second appointment will be made to place a small metal device called an abutment to the implant.

Your custom dental crown will then be attached to your implant via the abutment. Our doctors pay careful attention to aesthetics so no one will be able to tell that you have a false tooth.

For Two or More Missing Teeth

If you are missing multiple consecutive teeth, you can be fitted with an implant-retained bridge. With the placement of two implant-retained crowns, one of our doctors can replace multiple consecutive teeth. The placement of an implant-supported bridge allows our patients to regain natural oral function and clarity of speech.

Special Considerations for Front Teeth Replacement

Many of our patients understandably have concerns over the aesthetics of false teeth in their “smile zone.” Our doctors pay close attention to the aesthetics of your implants when placing implants and fabricating crowns.

Before your treatment begins, one of our doctors will use our digital 3D CT imaging system and panoramic x-rays to visualize your teeth and supporting structures. Our advanced CEREC lab system allows our doctors to oversee the fabrication of your dental crown or bridge.

Our CEREC machine uses medical-grade ceramics that are exactly color-matched to your smile. Your custom crown or bridge will blend in seamlessly with your smile. Porcelain even matches the natural luster of teeth.

Once your final crown or bridge is placed on your implants, you’ll be able to enjoy eating your favorite food items with renewed confidence. Many of our patients report that their implant-retained false teeth look and feel just like natural teeth.

Schedule Your Dental Implant Consultation Today

Don’t let the loss of a front tooth put a dent in your smile. The dentists at Fort Bend Dental can plan and perform every step of implant placement and restoration at our office, with no need for referrals.

To schedule your dental implant consultation, please contact our office online or call (281) 499-3541 .

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