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At Fort Bend Dental, our team of dentists is committed to personalized dental care, patient comfort, and overall patient wellness. In our ongoing dedication to provide patients with services that support full body health and wellness, we have recently partnered with Neuroworks Wellness Center.

Our partnership with the Neuroworks Wellness Center allows us to offer COVID testing to individuals living in Missouri City, TX, Richmond, TX, Fort Bend County and surrounding areas. COVID testing can indicate to our patients if they are, or have recently been, infected with the COVID-19 virus.

What Type of COVID Testing Is Performed?

The Covid testing that is being offered at Fort Bend Dental is an antibody test. We take a full blood serum draw and check the blood for IgG and IgM antibodies that fight the Coronavirus. Antibodies are proteins that are produced by the immune system in response to certain infections.

Based on IgG and IgM levels, we can determine if a person may be currently dealing with the COVID infection, or if they are at the tail-end of an antibody response. Higher levels of IgG indicate a higher immune response to the virus, which likely means that the patient has been infected by the COVID virus recently.

How Fast Will I Get Results?

We are able to offer our patients extremely fast antibody test results. After scheduling an appointment, patients will come to our office for a small blood draw. The blood sample is then sent overnight to the testing laboratory. Patients can expect to have their antibody test results within 24-48 hours.

Will I Require Additional Testing?

Antibody testing is an accurate way for individuals to determine if they have already dealt with a Coronavirus infection. However, to know if a patient is currently battling the virus, and if they are contagious, a nasal swab test will be necessary.

A nasal swab tests for the presence of DNA and RNA of the Coronavirus. A positive nasal swab test lets a person know that the virus is active, and they can pass the illness on to other people. If our antibody test indicates positive levels of IgM, we know the patient is in the acute phase of the antibody response. This could either be because the virus is current, or because the individual recently overcame the illness. If IgM results are positive, we will advise patients to schedule a nasal swab test to determine if they are actively contagious.

How Accurate Are Antibody Results?

Antibody test results are extremely accurate. The lab we use for antibody testing has a 95 percent accuracy rate. This leaves very little room for either a false negative or a false positive, which allows our patients to feel confident in the results they receive.

Schedule a Test with Us

If you suspect that you have been infected with the Coronavirus, or have been in contact by people with an active infection, you may benefit from a COVID antibody test. To schedule a test at Fort Bend Dental, reach out by sending us a message or call (281) 499-3541 .

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