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By Dwight D. Peccora, DDS on

A patient getting dental sedation.

There are many reasons why a patient may benefit from sedation dentistry. If you are scheduled to undergo an invasive or lengthy dental treatment at our Missouri City, TX, dental practice, you can be given a safe and effective form of sedation called nitrous oxide sedation.

Under the calming effects of the benign gas, time can seem to pass quickly. Our office also serves Richmond, TX, and Fort Bend County.

Benefits of Nitrous Oxide

Between 9 to 15 percent of patients suffer from dental phobia, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Dental phobia is a general fear of going to the dentist. Patients may have specific fears, such as fear of injections or an aversion sitting in a confined chair for extended periods of time.

Whatever your source of anxiety, our doctors can administer a steady stream of nitrous oxide that allows you to relax throughout your treatment. Nitrous oxide allows patients to overcome their worries about visiting the dentist. Our doctors believe that dental phobia should not stand between you and optimal oral health.

Nitrous oxide is completely safe, and the sedative effects of the gas quickly wear off once the flow of gas is cut off. In fact, nitrous oxide is one of the only sedation options that allow patients to drive home following their treatment.

When Is Nitrous Oxide Needed?

Patients seek the relaxing and calming effects of sedation dentistry for many reasons. Some people simply have a low tolerance for pain. If your teeth and gums are especially sensitive, our doctors can combine local anesthesia and sedation so you are comfortable throughout your treatment.

If you are undergoing a lengthy treatment, sitting still for an hour or two can become uncomfortable. In those cases, patients can benefit from nitrous oxide. Under the sedative effects of nitrous oxide, many patients report that time seems to fly by. A procedure that takes our doctor two hours to perform can feel like it was completed in a fraction of that time.

Whether you have a fear of needles, confined spaces, or any other phobia that is standing between you and optimal oral health, our doctors can explain the many benefits of undergoing sedation dentistry.

Treatment Overview

Undergoing nitrous oxide sedation is safe and convenient. The gas is administered through a small hose that rests under your nose. The exact mixture of gas will be customized to meet your comfort needs. As the gas is inhaled, it is absorbed through the lungs where it reaches the central nervous system via the bloodstream.

The effects of nitrous oxide come on quickly. Patients report feeling euphoric, rested, peaceful, and calm under the effects of the gas. Once the flow of gas is turned off, patients regain normal levels of consciousness and awareness very quickly.

Schedule Your Sedation Dentistry Treatment Today

Anxiety, fear, and other barriers should not stand between you and a healthy smile. To learn more about the benefits of sedation dentistry, please contact our office online or call (281) 499-3541 . Our goal is to have patients leave our office with a smile on their faces.

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