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Senior couple with perfect smiles.

At Fort Bend Dental, we offer patients of all ages exceptional dental care. The people of Missouri City can put their trust in us, because we believe in tailoring treatment to the age and needs of a patient. This is of the utmost importance with elderly patients, who have unique dental health challenges.

Apart from comprehensive dental exams and general dentistry services, we also hone in on the unique concerns of senior citizens. Let's cover some of the basic dental care needs of the elderly right now.

Treatments for Major Tooth Decay and Damage

With age, it's not uncommon for people to experience issues related to advanced tooth decay. The gradual wear and tear on your teeth over time can also lead to chips, cracks, and other sorts of structural damage.

To treat these issues in elderly patients, it's typically best to use dental fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns.

Treatments That Enhance Periodontal Health

After years of wear and tear, people may experience serious issues with their periodontal health. Gum recession may occur, meaning a reduction in gum tissue along the gumline. Older patients may also have issues with gum disease, which affects overall dental health.

To address gum recession, the best option is typically gum grafting, which adds soft tissue to the gumline to rebuild it. For gum disease, there are many options that will control the infected gum tissue while also treating the various health problems linked to gum disease.

Treatments for Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is quite common among elderly patients, and it's often the result of long-term wear and tear and issues that affect gum health. Some patients may be missing one tooth while others may be missing many or even all of their teeth.

Traditional treatments for tooth loss include dental bridges and dentures. Patients may also be eligible for dental implants, which are artificial tooth roots surgically embedded into the jawbone and gum tissue. These dental implants offer a stability that matched natural tooth roots.

Treatments for the Jaw Joint and Bone Structures

Over time, the jawbone can lose density and the jaw joint can have problems with proper function. In the case of the latter, there could be issues with locking, popping, and pain in the jaw. These issues might be linked to a TMJ disorder or arthritis.

When dealing with jaw joint problems or jawbone issues, we have a whole host of procedures that can prove helpful. If minimally invasive mouth guards and injection therapies cannot help with your bone and jaw issues, more advanced care may be recommended.

Treatments for Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can be a real hassle, and it can also be the sign of a real problem. As people get older, their salivary glands tend to produce less saliva. A lack of saliva makes teeth weaker and makes tooth decay and gum disease a much bigger problem. Dry mouth may even be a sign or symptom of a serious health problem.

When it comes to dealing with dry mouth, we can recommend a number of artificial saliva products. We'll determine the root cause of the problem and focus on restoring total wellness.

Screenings for Oral Cancers

On the note of serious health problems, the risk of cancer goes up as people get older. This is especially true for people who smoke or have a family history of cancer.

During each visit, we'll be sure to note any signs or symptoms that may suggest oral cancer. (Dry mouth is one such symptom.) By catching the cancer early, we can initiate proper treatment as soon as possible.

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To learn more about dentistry for the golden years and how we can help you have a healthy and beautiful smile, be sure to contact our advanced dental care center today. The team at Fort Bend Dental is here for you to enhance your smile.

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